New Beginnings

Today marked a real milestone in my life; my first official day as a Multimedia Journalism student at Southampton Solent University.

Despite an abrupt start to the day, thanks to a 7:20 am fire drill, I found myself amongst the army of students heading towards the university, and arrived on campus feeling fairly refreshed and eager to see what the day had in store.

Wandering into the wrong building probably wasn’t the best start, but when I eventually arrived at the news room, I felt that familiar rush of passion and excitement that I’d experienced when I walked through the door while visiting the university two years ago.

I took a gap year after sixth form, and for quite a while found myself questioning whether university was the right path for me. In all honesty, my final decision to throw myself in at the deep end didn’t come about until the end of April this year, but I’m glad I did!

After an ice breaker activity, we discussed our expectations of the course with our course leaders. Their pure passion and love for the industry struck a chord with everyone in that room, and I instantly knew that I really was in the right place. It’s such a cliche, but I know that I am where I need to be, and I’m excited to begin what I can only describe as my ideal course next week, and start what will be an incredibly challenging three years.

I’m not yet certain of the sort of journalist I want to be, and my list of “dream jobs” is still far too long to be realistic, but it’s only day one, I think we can be afforded the luxury of dreaming a little for now.


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