And so it begins…

Today, in our Intro to Audio seminar, we were given our first opportunity to conduct an interview.

This is a fairly new concept to me, and I don’t really have a lot of experience with audio, so the final product was a little rusty in terms of editing. However, as with anything else, practice makes perfect, and hopefully by Christmas, I’ll be able to upload and share with you audio clips, vox pops and interviews that are (almost) seamless. Please also note that I’m suffering with a chest infection, so my voice isn’t sounding great!

For now, however, have a listen to what I’ve created today.

But, before you do, here’s a little background information on the story…

In 2011, Jill Sainsbury, a self-employed mum from Bitterne, Southampton, created a group called the Bitterne Business Forum.

The group is made up of other self-employed mums (and dads) who meet up once every month to six weeks in order to gain advice, support, and share their experiences.

You can listen to the interview here: 

For more information on the Bitterne Business Forum, visit:




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