Why Young People Should Vote

This semester, we’re doing an element called Video Production and Studio Skills.

For our first assessment, we’re doing vox pops, which is definitely encouraging me to look more closely at the news and think more about how certain stories affect the general public, both on a local and national scale.

My group has come up with a question which relates to the general election, but specifically to people our age.

The Tories (Conservatives) have said that, should they be elected in May, people aged 18-21, who have been out of work, education and so forth for more than six months, will be required to do 30 hours of mandatory community service, and only then will they receive their benefits, which will be replaced with ‘Youth Allowance’.

While opinions on this will probably be mixed, I think most will agree that this is a good idea, and clearly has the aim of getting young people to make the effort and find themselves a job.

However, the benefits they’ll receive will still only be a total of £57.35 per week. This equates to a measly £1.91 an hour for this community service, if you think about it in terms of pay (which, realistically, is what it acts as).

In comparison to the minimum wage of £5.31 for those aged 18-20, and £6.50 for those over 21, unreasonable is an understatement.

For those who have an honest reason for not being able to work, or are genuinely struggling to find work, this is going to become an issue.

While this may not have a direct effect on many of you, it could well have an effect on someone you know, or even a younger brother or sister in the future.

On the other hand, the opposition (Labour) have promised the same group of people a guaranteed job, which will be paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.

While young people generally don’t know very much about politics, it’s time we did our research and prepared ourselves to vote in May.

While it may be 40-somethings running our country, it’s certainly our fight.

Which party do you think has the right idea?

To find out more about the various political parties’, take a look at the information provided on—what-they-all-stand-for-99123

You could also take the surveys found on the following websites in order to find out which party supports your views:


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