The Secret of Aging

Uma Thurman is the latest celeb to come under fire for her appearance. Here we go again.

This is obviously not the first time this has happened to the actress, or any other, and it certainly won’t be the last, but this time is different.

She’s not being slated for her choice of dress or her shoes on the red carpet. This time, it’s her face that’s being criticised. This also happened to Renee Zellwegger last year, as she stepped back into the spotlight looking somewhat… different.


While the media are claiming that Uma has “had some work done”, with one publication saying “What has Uma Thurman done to her face?” (excuse you?!), it seems to me that she’s simply chosen to age gracefully and honestly. And I think that is something that really should be a more common occurance in the celebrity world!

In 2013, just under 4 million people in the US had botox. Probably not a shocking statistic in the great scheme of things, but think of it like this: That’s nearly 4 million people, in the US alone, who are unhappy about the way they look, insecure about the natural lines and wrinkles that aging brings. So unhappy, in fact, that they had chemical injected into their faces!

Why is this so normal and acceptable? And why is this being treated with such a dismissive attitude?

The increase of surgical and non-surgical procedures since 1997 stood at 279% in 2013, with 11 million people going under the knife, needle or using other methods to change their body shape, size or the look of their face. That’s the equivilent of the WHOLE population of Cuba or Greece.

In today’s society, there is a constant pressure for women to look their best. There’s a need to fit in with what our society considers to be the “perfect woman”. But in reality, how can this be done when even the perfect woman is being slated for her appearance? Does she really exist? I think not…

The Queen of Pop herself has also been under the magnifying glass, with images leaked from a photoshoot she did for a L’Oreal advert back in 2013.

The images show Beyonce pre-Photoshop. She has blemishes, her skin isn’t perfectly smooth and spot-free, she has lines under her eyes, her lips aren’t perfectly plump and glossy… Surprise, surprise, Queen Bey is human after all. Who’d have thought it?! She’s one of us!

In 2013, the Telegraph published a report stating that “Official statistics show more than 6,500 episodes in which children and teenagers were treated by hospitals in 2010/11 for conditions such as anorexia, compared with 1,718, in 2007/8.”

No one can deny that there is concern for youngsters now more than ever. With magazines constantly showing off female celebrities’ cellulite; every bump, lump, line and wrinkle, how can we expect our teenagers to be safe from the pressure of “perfection”?

Let’s ban excessive Photoshopping. Stop taking 3 stone off celebrities. Stop making their waists 5 inches smaller. Stop poisoning the minds of our youth. Let women feel good in their un-botoxed skin.

So, the secret of aging?…

It happens to everyone.


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