My Funny Valentine

I’ve been finding myself feeling very frustrated and restless lately.

Our second semester in uni has been a slow starter and I’ve struggled with the  transition of going from being so busy before Christmas to this calm lull.

I work well under pressure but also get stressed, but weirdly having so much spare time has me feeling a bit lost.

So, I thought I’d get back to blogging, because after all, we all need an outlet, and I don’t think shouting and crying my feelings out is really doing me any favours.

To survive, you must tell stories.

– Umberto Eco

The week following Valentine’s Day can often bring a feeling of melancholy for some women.

The excitement of the run up to the day (or most likely the evening) can totally take over, with thoughts fixed on what treats are in store and what to wear to that important date.

But unlike some, for me, this week has been quite uplifting.

Last week I found out that my boyfriend is due to come home three weeks early, and travel back to the UK from Florida on March 6th.

Jack is a third officer for Holland America Line, and has the incredible job of navigating the cruise ship.

His contracts mean that he’s away for four months at a time, and then returns home for two months before heading off again.

The job takes him around the world and provides him with incredible opportunities.

Luckily enough, I also get to travel around with him from time to time.

But I digress. Originally, jack was due to fly home on Easter Sunday, and was given nearly 3 months off in between this contract and the next, so as you can imagine, after three months without him, it was quite a shock for me and his family to hear he was coming home to us earlier than planned.

For us, every small occasion is huge.

It marks another mile stone – not just in our relationship, but also in Jack’s contract, and therefore means another milestone in our countdown to him coming home.

So when Valentine’s Day came around, the simplicity of a card was more than enough (although he does send me flowers every month to celebrate him managing to put up with me for another month – which I absolutely appreciate).

February’s bouquet was stunning

Seeing words on a page or card is so much more special than reading them on my phone or laptop screen, and having something physical to look at and keep in my room is such a motivator.

Before he left, a number of people asked how I would cope with him being away for so long.

While I understood their concern for both of us, it was a little upsetting (though he does say I take things to heart sometimes – and I know he’s right).

The last three months haven’t been easy, and before he left I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to be as supportive as he’d need me to be.

I worried that I’d struggle and it would have an affect on his mood, too.

But honestly, the time has absolutely flown and we’ve become so much closer and stronger.

And now that the remaining countdown has halved, I’ve got another reason to smile, and another thing to get me through the longer days.


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