2 Week Daith Update

General update
This one is gonna be a long one. Just a warning. But I’ve stuck in a few little headings so you can just skip ahead to whichever bits you want to read, if you can’t be bothered to read it all. But I want to be thorough, particularly this soon after the piercing.

The last two weeks have been a mixed bag… The first week after getting the piercing was an absolute DREAM.

I was able to sleep on that ear the day I got it done, it was a teeny bit uncomfortable, but once I’d figured out the best angle and way to sleep on it, it was absolutely fine. I had no issues at all for the first week really. It was pretty uncomfortable when I was cleaning it, but other than that, it didn’t feel like I even had a piercing – it felt like there was nothing there at all. Happy days!

17203498_10155100133323839_2005720457_nThis last week hasn’t been quite so smooth – the piercing was really sore on the weekend and got pretty swollen and red throughout the week – as you’ll see in the picture on the right. It’s also been insanely itchy on and off for the last few days!

I’ve changed my cleaning routine slightly which definitely seems to be making a difference (I’ll get onto that in a minute). It’s not as painful as it was, but sleeping on that side is pretty tricky at the moment. But luckily, despite it looking pretty ugly right now, there are no signs of infection or of anything being wrong with it – I went back to Asgard, where I had it done, and the girl confirmed that everything’s normal. So I have another month or two of it potentially looking like it does now and being a bit temperamental, but I wasn’t expecting the healing process to be easy. Or fast.

So the cleaning routine I had originally been sticking to was cleaning it twice a day (after showering in the morning, and just before going to bed), with Dettol Antiseptic Wash, which I bought from Boots. Most piercing places tell you not to use anything like Savlon or Dettol to clean a new piercing as it can do more damage than good. BUT, this stuff is super diluted, with only 0.198% Benzalkonium chloride. Whatever that is.

Since the piercing swelling and getting a bit gross, I’ve changed my routine to only using this once a day (at night), and doing a hot sea salt soak in the morning to get rid of any dry blood/liquid that comes out of it overnight.

17270014_10155100133288839_852097881_nA lot of people usually just dunk their ear into a bowl of warm/hot sea salt solution, but that’s obviously a bit tricky with a Daith piercing – so I’ve been soaking a cotton wool pad in the solution and then sticking it in my ear. I tend to tear it in half and then I have two, because they cool off really quickly, and that way it generally tends to just sit in my ear and I can leave it while I have breakfast or whatever (see pic, left). 17204163_10155100133128839_1732987932_n

I also put a teeny bit of my tea tree toner onto a cotton swab and dab that around the hole after the dettol spray before bed. That just helps to draw out any gunk that might be in there overnight (see the pic, right), and tea tree oil is a really good natural antiseptic and antibacterial product. The reason I use the toner rather than straight tea tree oil is that it’s diluted – I would imagine undiluted oil would absolutely kill to apply.

Now for the important bit. The whole reason I got the piercing is due to the many reviews/claims/articles that have mentioned and discussed its use as a migraine treatment. So far, I have to say, it’s been brilliant. I have also upped my dose from 20mg a day to 30mg a day of Amitryptaline, as it had basically totally stopped working for me. But I honestly think the piercing has had a part to play as well.

Before I got it, I had had a two-day migraine every weekend for a month or more. Since, I’ve had one migraine which came on the day after the piercing – but I’d also had my first chiro appointment in two months that same day so I honestly think it was down to that.

Since, I haven’t had one migraine. I’ve had two days where I’ve had migraine-related symptoms (stiff/sore neck, blurred vision, the temperature in my head and neck that I get when I get a migraine), but even with a number of migraine symptoms on the second of those days, no actual migraine came about, and all I took was ibuprofen. No migraleve at all, which is usually my go-to when an attack hits.

I did have a really weird experience on that day too, though. I got home from uni, I’d had all these migraine symptoms, and then all of a sudden they were gone and I had this really weird sharp pain in the piercing. It felt like the same kinda pain I have behind my eye with a migraine, but it was literally IN the piercing. That stuck around for about half hour then completely disappeared, and I was absolutely fine. I’ve heard of a lot of people who are able to literally just push on the piercing to get rid of migraine attacks, but this was seriously weird. And I genuinely think it was the piercing working against the migraines like it’s supposedly supposed to. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I’m trying to be optimistic!

17238071_10155100138368839_880586541_nSo, all in all, the piercing has been a God-send so far. The healing process isn’t wonderful – it’s sore at times, gets really red and swollen, and generally looks repulsive in the mornings because of all the gunk that comes out overnight. The pic on the right shows how it’s looking right now.

But now that I’ve got the cleaning routine down, and know what’s normal and what isn’t with it visually, I have to say that it’s totally worth it so far.

I’ll post another update in another two weeks – for the 4 week update. So fingers crossed all goes well!

And for anyone who’s thinking of getting it done to help with migraines, or just because they like how it looks – I say go for it! 


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