7 Week Daith Update

Sooooo I kinda missed my 4 week update… And the six week update, so I guess I’ll catch everyone up for week 7.

It’s been a mixed bag over the last 5 weeks, but generally more tricky in terms of keeping the piercing clean, managing the soreness and the keloid scarring – which is currently really painful and MASSIVE.

I went back to Asgard a week or so ago to have them look and check it again because I was concerned the piercing was getting infected as a result of the lumps that have come up. Luckily they’re fine, but I’d much rather be over cautious and get it checked loads and generally be a pain in the arse for them than to just sit and wait and hope for the best.

The lumps or keloid scarring are easy to manage if you keep on top of them, but I came back home for part of the Easter holidays and we went to visit family for a few days so I was nowhere near as stringent with my cleaning/care routine as I had been when I was in Southampton.

Okay so, I’ll take you through a few of the photos from various stages of the last few weeks and tell you whats been going on, as well as my new cleaning and care routine for the keloids and what I’ve been doing wrong or just not been doing at all over the last few days and how that’s affected it…. bare with me.

Week 3 (10th – 16th Mar)



March 12th – at this point I’d still been cleaning it thoroughly twice a day at least, three times on gym days, so it was looking pretty good and no pain of any kind. I cleaned a bit too hard that evening though, hence the blood. But I wanted to make sure all the gunk was out. Oops.



Week 4 (17th – 23rd Mar)

Photo 21-03-2017, 10 21 22


21st March – (Left) I was loving the way the piercing looked with my other fave earrings and the new second lobe piercings that day, but it was a little more puffy up close.

Photo 21-03-2017, 21 57 11





(Right) Not so great up close. The keloid scarring had started to form and were swelling up. I was still waking up to a fair bit of gunk in the mornings, and was getting a build up during the day, too.



Week 5 (24th – 30th Mar)

File 12-04-2017, 17 12 58


25th March – The keloids went down a bit over those few days and pretty much stayed looking like this until the 27th/28th. It’s pretty ridiculous how quickly it changes in terms of cleanliness etc… Keeping on top of the cleaning, and doing it properly and gently (as much as possible) is definitely important.




Week 6 (31st Mar – 6th Apr)

File 12-04-2017, 17 15 07


31st March – (Left) the keloids started getting a lot bigger at this point, and there was a lot more gunk getting caught in there because of the swelling, which made it a lot trickier to keep clean. The back keloid definitely swelled faster at first, but I think this is mostly because its more hidden so I cant really see if its been properly cleaned without taking a photo of it.

File 12-04-2017, 17 16 33



3rd April – (Right) please excuse the gorgeous hair towel. Woke up with the keloids looking ridiculous that morning, and they were throbbing. I went back to Asgard that day and asked them to check it. It was at that point that I was given an alternative cleaning/care method which I used for a few days.


File 12-04-2017, 17 17 30



5th April – noticed a big difference the day after the first use of the new care routine. Had a bit of a bleed during the night




Week 7 (7th – Now)

File 12-04-2017, 17 20 06

This last week has been a bit of back and forth. It got much better and then worse again, as mentioned earlier. But the keloids are huge again and SUPER sore today (see photo, right), so I’m gonna be making sure I’m thorough with the cleaning and care again from this evening, which will be a lot easier as I have a painful amount of FMP work to do and therefore nowhere else to go.



New cleaning/care routine

I kept photos of the new routine for this part, just to make it a bit easier to follow etc. And so I could be more detailed in this bit.

As you can see from the photo from April 3rd, the keloids were starting to swell so much that they were covering the actual piercing hole and making it a total mare to clean. They were honestly agonising at times that day, and cleaning was insanely sore.

So from the advice I was given in Asgard, I adjusted my usual routine (I talk about this in detail in my 2 week post) to introduce the new care method which was basically to use a paracetamol tablet before bed, which I applied directly onto the piercing/keloids. So, my daily routine changed to:

AM – on the 3rd, I went with my usual routine of doing a good warm salt soak and clean with salt water AFTER I showered and washed my hair to make sure I was getting rid of any gunk that had accumulated overnight, and any hair products that got in there while I was showering.

PM – Before bed, I gave it another good clean, either with salt soak again or the Dettol spray I have. Which one I used depended on how much gunk there was to clean out – if it needed a good clean out, it was salt soak, if it was pretty clean already, it was Dettol spray.

Then I’d break a paracetamol tablet (non-coated, so the powdery feeling ones) in half, and mix it with a few drops of water – just enough to break the tablet down and make a thick-ish paste. I generally use a clean cotton bud to mix it in and break it down, then another clean one to apply it to the piercing. I pretty much used the whole tablet – maybe about 3/4 of the paste I made so it would cover both keloids well (see photo below).

File 12-04-2017, 17 55 15

Make sure you do this bit about half hour or an hour before bed so it has time to dry off and go hard on your ear – that way you won’t end up with a mushy mess all over your pillows.

I then leave this on overnight and remove the following morning by rinsing it in the shower and then the usual clean after. Or if I can’t be bothered to wash my hair, I’ll do a two-part salt soak – one to get rid of the paracetamol and then another to clean the actual area.

You’ll probably find that it looks a total mess the first time you do it, but you quickly get the hang of how much water you need to make the paste and the best ways to apply it. I have found that it works quicker on the keloid at the back of the piercing, probably again because it’s hidden away and doesn’t rub away if you sleep on it.

I did get really quick results with this, as you saw before, but I was told to do this for 2-3 weeks to make sure it goes down properly.


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