12 Week Daith Update: The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s now been 12 weeks since I got my daith piercing. The time has totally flown, and the issues I’d been having which I talked about in my last post haven’t really changed. Hence the title – the good, the bad and the ugly. So I’ll go through and explain each of those.

The Good

Ive had a load of problems with the piercing swelling (the bumps). After my last post, I managed to get rid of the bumps for the most part, but they kept coming back. A few weeks ago I had a pretty big lump on the front which looked like it was full of liquid.

The original monster bump

I started being a bit more vigorous with cleaning the piercing so I could draw out any gunk, and then it burst. It bled quite a bit and there was definitely some liquid in there but it wasn’t infected! But the aftermath was really not pretty. It essentially burst halfway through the flesh, leaving a sort of flap of skin, which came away when I was cleaning it the next day.

The aftermath of the bump popping

Since then, the bump has come back with a vengeance. It’s really sore and really bloody big.

So today I finally went to a walk in centre to get it looked at by a professional rather than waiting to see the piercer again. So here comes the good – it’s definitely not infected, and the bump isn’t due to anything I’ve done wrong. I’ve been cleaning it properly and it’s clean and healthy in that respect.

The bad

So, for the bad news. While the nurse confirmed that my piercing isn’t infected, there is a problem with it. I had originally been told by the piercer that the lumps were just a part of the healing process and would go away. When I went back for them to check it again about a month ago I was told it was probably a keloid or hypertrophic scarring – that’s where the paracetamol paste came in. Unfortunately, as they’re not medics they can’t actually give you a diagnosis (duh)… and they got it wrong. I don’t blame them for giving me the wrong information, although I wish I had been told to go to the doctor as I would’ve caught this earlier and it probably would’ve been easier to treat.

So long story short, what’s actually going on is something called over granulation or hypergranulation. I had no idea what that meant so I had to get the nurse to explain it to me. Basically my body is like what the fuuuuuck over this new wound and the big hunk of metal that’s been shoved in my ear, and instead of healing inside the piercing like it should, its kinda over healing and creating more tissue/cartilage, which is what’s causing that hideous bump.

Usually, they use something called silver nitrate. From what I can tell it basically freezes it and stops it growing and gets rid of it. They didn’t have any at the walk in so I’m gonna have to go to my GP at home. But she said that mines so big my GP may well refer me to a plastics team (!!!!!) to get it removed properly. At this point I started to freak out a bit.

The other bits of bad news are, when it is removed there’s no guarantee it won’t grow back. And, as this is something my body just does, any more piercings are out of the question. So no conch piercing for me! (I bought a couple of cuffs to try them out and see how it would look to help me decide whether or not to actually get it done.)

Conch cuff (fake piercing)

The ugly

Simply put, the piercing looks pretty grim right now. I’m heading home in about a week, so I’m gonna have a bit of a wait before I can get this sorted. But fingers crossed 🤞🏼 and watch this space for an update when I have one!!


2 thoughts on “12 Week Daith Update: The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Have the bumps healed by now? I had this exact same issue for a long time with my daith piercing – I though it would never heal! As soon as I finally got them healed, I switched over to a daith clicker immediately for fear that the bumps would be back again any day. Like magic! Never had a problem again. The ring rotates back and forth in there a lot and causes irritation and makes the bumps 10x worse.


  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment. It has healed! I’ll be posting another update this week – my planned update got lost somewhere in the madness of the last few months!!
    I totally agree with you that the ring is a big part of the issue. I managed to get rid of the lumps entirely with hydrocortisone cream that I got over the counter at a pharmacy. I’ve been told I need to leave it a little bit longer before I can get the ring changed, and I’m too nervous to do it myself in case I aggravate it and the lumps come back! But I’ll be replacing it with a horse shoe shaped ring instead!


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