The Multimedia Journalism course at Solent University is incredibly practical, which is exactly why I set my heart on getting the grades I needed to get in (that and the incredible staff and facilities, and the beautifully modern campus).

Being so practical allows us to get really hands on and ‘learn on the job’. Our units have covered everything we’ve needed to develop our skills and learn how to be a journalist – from radio and audio production to photography, video production and general news and feature writing skills.

So, this year, everything that we’ve learned in our first two years is coming together in what’s called our ‘Final Major Project’. It’s pretty aptly named – it’s final, it’s major, and it’s a project. It’s our very last chance to show our tutors and course leader exactly what we’ve learned, how we’ve progressed and how fantastic (hopefully) our skills have become.

We have full creative control over our FMPs (with help, support and guidance from our FMP tutor and the other tutors), allowing us to choose our topic, narrow it down to a specific angle (subject/idea), and create our video, audio, image and written content.

Take a look at my posts to find out more about my FMP idea, and keep up to date with how I’m getting on!